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Claims Service at Point of Sale

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Through our network of local service offices, we keep our highly trained people accessible to you, supporting our belief that for businesses like yours there is no substitute for personal, local service.

Being close to our policyholder customers speeds contact with you and with claimants. Service at point of sale eases communication during the life of a claim. It also enhances customer awareness of claims resolution.

Direct Reporting of Claims

24/7 Claims Handling

BITCO Insurance Companies believe good claims service begins with the prompt direct reporting of claims. Early information allows our claims representatives to affect better outcomes. BITCO Insurance Companies claims representatives are accessible day and night, especially in emergency situations.

Agents and customers are urged to provide a BITCO Insurance Companies First Report of Claim and follow with additional documentation and clarification as it becomes available.

BITCO Insurance Companies 24/7 claims handling allows us to bring the benefit of timeliness to policyholders and claimants alike. Reporting options are outlined below.

To report by telephone:

Notify your BITCO Insurance Companies branch claims office using the toll free telephone numbers provided on the Report a Claim page.

During office hours, you will be connected with claims representatives ready to help.

After hours emergency situations are handled by an answering machine service providing information on who to call for assistance.

To submit a claim online:

An electronic form (PDF) for the BITCO Insurance Companies First Report of Claim can be completed online by entering information in the fields provided.

You can and should print a hard copy of each Report for your filing and faxing needs before forwarding the e-mail version to BITCO Insurance Companies claims.

To access the form go to Report a Claim. First-time users are encouraged to begin by reading "Help".

Reducing Loss Costs

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Reducing loss costs is the common goal of any business and its insurance carrier. An aggressive safety program is the best deterrent to accidents and the resulting loss cost. Also necessary is the prompt reporting of claims and an efficient method for guiding claims through the resolution process. BITCO Insurance Companies provides claims professionals who know your business and they are positioned at point of sale to deliver that service personally.

Because of our experience in the specialties we have chosen to serve, BITCO Insurance Companies maintains a "can do" attitude among all partners in the claims resolution process. It is an attitude that influences outcomes in positive ways. The success of the partnership is based, in part, on the following:

  • Programs to reduce your loss costs
  • Toll free direct loss reporting
  • Claims service at point of sale and 24 hour contact
  • Workers compensation medical cost containment and medical management programs
  • Filing of required workers compensation reports for our customers
  • Prompt payment of claims
  • Litigation management
  • Commitment to alternative dispute resolution techniques

To combat insurance fraud, BITCO is among property/casualty insurers supporting and reporting data to a comprehensive national fraud database. Having access to this collection of information is especially valuable when dealing with equipment theft.

Understanding the Workers Compensation System

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BITCO helps customers like you educate your employees about the workers compensation system before a work related injury occurs.

"Developing a Partnership" is a brochure that explains the role of each of the partners (employee, employer, insurance company) and stresses the importance of working together during the healing process.

"Developing a Partnership" is available to our customers in English and Spanish/English versions.

A "Thumbs Up" in Workers Compensation Claims

Reducing the cost of workers compensation claims involves returning workers to productive employment at their earliest opportunity. BITCO's Managed Care Initiatives aimed at controlling loss costs include:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Network of Medical Providers
  • Medical bill review for compliance with established fee schedule or reasonable and customary costs
  • Hospital precertification
  • Review of continued care and chiropractic care
  • "Early assessment" which provides early intervention by a nurse who, upon receipt of a notice of a loss, promptly contacts the treating physician to establish treatment protocol and targeted return to work dates
  • On-site and off-site case management nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation and alternative employment programs to assist employees in returning to work in some capacity, even light duty

We file required workers compensation reports with state agencies for our customers.