Safety News Briefs

These selected news briefs cover topics specific to BITCO Insurance Companies' target industries: worker safety, public liability, property protection and more.

New briefs are added to the top of the list; others are periodically deleted. Selecting a title will open the news brief in a browser window. Maximize the window to read or print a copy.

Date of ReportTitle of Report
10/24/2016OSHA Updates Recommended Practices for Workplace Safety and Health Programs
10/20/2016NIOSH Studies Occupational Indium Exposure and Respiratory Health
10/17/2016MSHA Reports in Mining Deaths, Respirable Dust Levels for 2016
9/30/2016Reaching Zero Crashes: A Dialogue on th eRole of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
9/26/2016Falls and Fall Injuries Among Adults Aged >65 Years: United States, 2014
9/20/2016Federal Automated Vehicle Policy
9/20/2016Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work
9/02/2016Fatality and Injury Statistics in Non-Traffic Crashes, 2012 to 2014
8/31/2016Traffic Fatalities Up Sharply In 2015; Injuries Up As Well
8/24/2016Crashes Involving Road Debris - Scope of the Problem and Mitigation
7/28/2016CDC Study Reports Seat Belt Use Low Where Driving Not Primary Job
7/22/2016Aggressive Driving and Road Rage More Common Than Expected
7/05/2016National Association of Tower Erectors Publishes Drones Best Practices Guidance
6/27/2016DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
6/08/2016Passengers in Commercial Trucks Now Required to Wear Seat Belts
6/08/2016Texas A&M Researchers Report Improved Productivity with "Stand-Capable" Workstations
6/02/2016Fire Safety during Construction for Five- and Six-Story Wood Buildings - Best Practices Guide
5/19/2016Engineering Controls Reduce Crystalline Silica Exposures During Asphalt Pavement Milling in Highway Construction
5/17/2016OSHA Issues Final rule on Electric Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
5/12/2016Indicators of School Crime Safety: 2015
5/12/2016Traumatic Brain Injuries at Playgrounds on the Rise
5/06/2016Researchers Study Worker Exposures at Carbon Nanotube Production Facility
5/05/2016OSHA Issues Final rule OSHA Updating Eye and Face Protection Standards
5/03/2016Traumatic Brain Injury in Construction Study
5/02/2016Get the Basics on Engineered Wood Products - Free Webinar Series
4/29/2016CDC Issues Report on Hearing Impairment among Noise-Exposed Workers in the United States, 2003-2012
4/21/2016CPSC Updates Public Playground Safety Handbook
4/21/2016NIOSH: New Climate Change Document Addresses Effects on Workers
4/15/2016Roof Wind Designer Updated by National Roofing Contractors Association
4/01/2016OSHA Issues Fianl Rule on Crystalline Silica
3/25/2016State of Slip, Trip, and Fall on Same Level Literature Review
3/25/2016NIOSH Issues Draft Current Intelligence Bulletin on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to 1-Bromopropane
3/22/2016New NIOSH Website on Aerial Lift Safety Includes Lift Simulator
3/22/2016Structure Fires in Warehouse Properties
3/07/2016Zika Resources
3/07/2016FMCSA Proposes National Training Standards for Entry-Level Truck and Bus Drivers
2/22/2016OSHA and NIOSH Issue Hazard Alert on Dangers of Tank Gauging
2/17/2016NIOSH Issues Draft Current Intelligence Bulletin on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterials
2/3/2016NIOSH Study Looks at Prevalence of Hearing Difficulty and Tinnitus Among Workers
2/2/2016Survey of Long-Haul Truck Drivers: Injury and Safety
2/1/2016Study Highlights Weather Conditions at Time of Motor Vehicle Crashes
1/28/2016NIOSH/OSHA: Nine Oil and Gas Extraction Worker Deaths Tied to Oxygen Deficiency and Hydrocarbon Gas/Vapor Exposure During 2010 to 2015
1/14/2016Prevention Through Design: NIOSH Issues Report on Preventing Hazardous Noise and Hearing Loss
12/24/2015NTSB Posts Safety Alert on the Impact of Oversize Loads on Bridges
12/15/2015FAA Rolls Out Drone Registration Rules for Hobbyists
12/14/2015FMCSA Intensifies Prohibition on Coercing Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers to Violate Safety Regulations
12/14/2015Legal and Insurance Environment for Driverless Vehicles
12/14/2015Safety Measurement System (SMS) Partially Closed to Public View
12/11/2015NIOSH Proposes Recommendations on Robot Safety
12/3/2015USFA Releases 2014 Firefighter Fatality Statistics
12/2/2015UAS Registration Task Force Releases Recommendations for Drone Registration Process
11/24/2015AIHA Issues PPE Fact Sheet for Engineered Nanoparticles
11/19/2015OSHA Issues Guidance on Training Requirements
11/17/2015BLS Reports 4,679 Fatal Work Injuries in 2014
11/17/2015NIOSH "Mini-Baghouse" Can Reduce Workers' Exposure to Silica at Hydraulic Fracturing Sites
11/16/2015Twenty-One Large Loss Fires Occurred in 2014
10/29/2015Real-Time Feedback Combined with Coaching Can Help Fleet Drivers Decrease Unsafe Driving Practices
9/21/2015$11.6 Billion in Property Damage from Fires during 2014
8/25/2015OSHA Updates National Emphasis Program on Amputations
8/17/2015OSHA Proposes New Beryllium Rule
8/6/2015OSHA Issues Temporary Enforcement Policy for Confined Spaces in Construction
7/31/2015Extension Cords: Reported Fire or Shock Incidents from 1980 to April 2015
7/23/2015NIOSH Issues Update on Silica Mortality
7/9/2015Firefighter Fatalities Decline in 2014
6/25/2015Seat Belt Use in 2014
6/23/2015Electronic Stability Control Systems for Heavy Vehicles
6/23/2015Chinese Drywall Litigation Update
6/11/2015Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility Launches Website with OSHA Chemical Sampling Inspection Results
6/11/2015Occupational Fatalities During the U.S. Oil and Gas Boom: 2003 to 2013
5/14/2015Truck Tires Not Designed for High Speeds
5/7/2015Occupant Fatalities in Crashes Involving Large Trucks, 2013
5/5/2015Vehicle Theft Prevention Materials Available to Support Company Fleet Programs
5/4/2015OSHA Issues Final Rule on Confined Spaces in Construction
4/2/2015IRSST Studies Nanoparticle Emissions from Metal Fabrication and Friction Braking
3/30/2015Truck Drivers - Using a Seat Belt Matters
3/23/2015NIOSH Reports Suspected Inhalation Fatalities for Oil and Gas Workers over Five-Year Period
3/23/2015NIOSH Examines 30 Years of Hearing Loss Data
3/23/2015IRSST Issues Guidance on Selecting Nozzles for Compressed Air Use
2/26/2015Hazard Alert on Silica Exposure During Countertop Installation Issued by OSHA and NIOSH
2/19/2015The FAA Proposes New Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2/13/2015Brakes: An Issue on Many Commercial Trucks
2/6/2015Impact of Driver Compensation on Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety
2/2/2015Worker Illness Related to Newly Marketed Pesticides
1/9/20152013 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview
11/19/2014Twenty-One Large Loss Fires Occurred in 2013
11/13/2014Fires in Buildings Under Construction
10/2/2014Regulatory Guidance for Interstate Drivers with Hearing Exemptions
9/26/2014$11 Billion in Property Damage from Fires during 2013
9/12/2014NICB Releases Pick-Up Truck Tailgate Theft Report
9/8/2014International Roadcheck 2014 - 23 Percent of Trucks Put Out-of-Service
9/2/2014Fire Protection of Wood I-Joist Floors Outlined in New Report
7/29/2014SA Announces Enhancements to SMS Website
7/17/2014Highway Bridge Crash Highlights Failures in Oversized Transportation
7/16/2014National Hazardous Materials Highway Route Registry
7/10/2014Drowsy Driving and Risk Behaviors
6/04/2014Smartphones May Be Useful to Evaluate Whole-Body Vibration Exposures
5/16/2014Potential Safety Benefits of Electronic HOS Logging Devices
5/13/2014NIOSH Studies Use of Smartphones as Sound Level Meters
5/07/2014United States Vehicle Crash Facts (2010 - 2012)
4/29/2014The Total Cost of Fire in the United States Continues to Rise
4/23/2014OSHA Issues Final Electrical Safety Rule - Establishes Web Resource for Guidance
4/21/2014FMCSA Proposes Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rules
4/18/2014Distracted Driving 2012
4/09/2014CMV Drivers Need to Obtain Medical Exam from Certified Medical Examiner Starting May 21
4/01/2014NHTSA Requires Rear Visibility Technology for New Vehicles
3/28/2014Vehicle Rearview Visibility Enhanced by Video Cameras
3/14/2014Trucking Industry Injury Claims Examined
3/10/2014Yoke Industrial Corporation Issues Product Notice on Faulty Fall Protection Snaphooks
3/10/2014UK Health and Safety Executive: Consider Pneumonia Vaccine for Workers Exposed to Metal Fumes
3/10/2014Canadian researchers Raise Questions about the Effectiveness of Sandblasting Substitues
2/25/2014PHMSA Withdraws Proposal for Tank Truck Loading and Unloading Regulations
2/25/2014OSHA Launches Efforts to Prevent Death and injury at Comminication Towers
2/24/2014Tall Wood Building Fire Safety Issues
2/18/2014FMCSA Proposes to Establish Commercial Driver's License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
2/06/2014FMCSA Releases Study on Driver HOS "Restart" and Fatigue
1/24/2014FMCSA Enacting New Regulation for Truck and Bus Companies with Repeat Violations
1/23/2014California Department of Public Health Promotes Use of Safer Substitutes for Methylene Chloride-Based Paint Strippers
1/21/2014FMCSA Announces Medical Certificate Extension
1/9/2014Onboard Safety System Effectiveness Evaluation
1/9/2014Deadline Approaching for New CDL Medical Certification Requirements
1/7/2014NHTSA Releases Traffic Fatalities Report
12/10/2013BLS Releases Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Data
12/4/2013New Occupational Lead Regulations Proposed in California
12/3/2013BLS Releases Statistics on Fatal Occupational Injuries at Road Construction Sites, 2003-2010
11/19/2013FMCSA’s Hours-of-Service Rules Affect Productivity and Driver Fatigue
11/19/2013Workplace Injuries Trend Downward Over Last Decade
11/13/2013NIOSH Issues New Document on Controlling Industrial Exposures to Nanomaterials
11/5/2013Manufactured Home Fires
11/5/2013OSHA Launches New Web Resource with Recommended Exposure Limits
10/25/2013Valley Fever an Occupational Concern in California
10/15/2013NIOSH Issues Fact Sheet on PAPR Batteries
10/7/2013NFPA Glossary of Terms (GOT) Available for Free Download
10/7/2013Fifteen Million APC Surge Protectors Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
9/25/2013Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators – Proposed Rulemaking Withdrawn
9/3/2013Highway Transportation Deaths Among Workers Over 55 Years Old: 2003 - 2010
8/9/2013European Agency for Health and Safety at Work Issues Fact Sheet on Nanomaterials for Maintenance Workers
7/29/2013AEM Bulletin Emphasizes Static Electricity Risks of ULSD During Refueling
7/15/2013NIOSH Introduces New Smart Phone App for Ladder Safety
7/8/2013New Hours-of-Service Safety Regulations to Reduce Truck Driver Fatigue Begins
7/1/2013Performance Standards Available to Shale Gas Producers
7/1/2013OSHA Launches 2013 Campaign to Combat Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers
6/20/2013Green Construction and Worker Safety
6/7/2013Safety and Single-Unit Trucks
6/4/2013OSHA Establishes New Webpage on Chromium Health and Safety
5/22/2013OSHA Establishes New Webpage on Toluene Health and Safety
5/9/2013National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction Launched
5/9/2013NICB Reports Metal Theft Claims Are on the Rise
4/17/2013Driver Electronic Device Use in 2011
3/21/2013Nonfatal Occupational Falls on Same Level Study
3/14/2013Hydraulic Fracturing Resources
3/14/2013Transportation Research Board (TRB) Issues Report on Nanotechnology in Concrete Materials
3/4/2013Alcohol-Impaired Driving
2/7/2013Drywall Safety Act
1/28/2013Safety Inspections, Incentive Programs, and Construction Sites
1/23/2013Dutch Survey Investigates Use of Voluntary Precautionary-Based Exposure Limits for Engineered Nanomaterials
1/15/2013Diesel Exhaust Controls
1/7/2013Asleep at the Wheel
1/7/2013Oil and Gas Extraction Not a Smooth Drive
12/20/2012NCCI Updates Role of Traffic Accidents in Workers Compensation
12/18/2012Study Investigates Quality of MSDSs for Engineered Nanomaterials
12/18/2012IRRST Issues Study on Effectiveness of N95 Respirators for Protection Against Nanoparticles
12/14/2012NHTSA Report Shows Seat Belt Use in 2012 at Record High
12/14/2012NIOSH Releases Rig Inspection Forms
12/12/2012OSHA Issues Top Ten Most Frequently Cited Standards for 2012
11/30/20122011 Report on Large Loss Fires
11/28/2012Three Brands of Portable Generators Recalled
10/17/2012OSHA Implements Direct Final Rule on Crane and Derrick Safety in Demolition and Underground Construction
10/10/2012The Results of Distracted Driving 2010
9/21/2012BLS Releases National Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries in 2011 - Preliminary Results
9/13/2012Driver Turnover Puts Pressure on Motor Carrier Fleets
9/6/2012NER Releases 2011 Heavy Equipment Theft Report
8/20/2012Hydraulic Fracturing Activity and Drinking Water Contamination Study
7/31/2012New ANSI Standards Address Slip, Trip, and Fall (STF) Prevention Efforts
7/20/2012Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies Report Available
7/3/2012Large Truck Crash Data 2010
6/27/2012OSHA Updates Head Protection Regulations to Include 2009 ANSI Standard
6/25/2012Silica Hazard Alert Issued by OSHA and NIOSH for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
6/22/2012New Requirements for Certificates of Insurance in Virginia
6/21/2012Canadian Researchers Develop Test to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Gloves Used to Handle Nanoparticles
5/23/2012NHTSA Proposes Electronic Stability Control Systems for Heavy Vehicles
5/15/2012NIOSH Evaluates Chemical Exposures During Hydraulic Fracturing
5/4/2012NIOSH, OSHA, and CPWR Launch Construction Fall Prevention Campaign
4/20/2012Driver “Medical Examiners” Must Meet New Requirements
4/20/2012OSHA Issues Final Rule Correcting Slings Standard for Construction
4/11/2012Coal-Tar-Based Pavement Sealcoat, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, and Environmental Health
3/30/2012OSHA Request for Information: Reinforcing Concrete Work in Construction
3/30/2012OSHA Request for Information: Fatal Backovers by Vehicles and Equipment
3/30/2012OSHA Revises Hazard Communication Standard: New Rule Adopts Elements of Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)
3/27/2012The GAO Is Critical of FMCSA’s Vetting and New Entrant Safety Assurance Programs
3/12/2012Cal/OSHA Begins Campaign on Confined Space Hazards
3/12/2012OSHA Omaha Area Office Program Uses Workers' Compensation Court Data to Target Enforcement
2/27/2012National Research Council Report Identifies Key Research Needs for Safety Assessment of Engineered Nanomaterials
2/27/2012Nanomaterials, Flocculent Materials, and Gas/Dust Mixtures Present Non-Traditional Dust Explosion Hazards
2/24/2012U.S. DOT Proposes ‘Distraction’ Guidelines for Automakers
2/10/2012Bendix Brake Valve Used on Commercial Trucks Faulty
2/10/2012OSHA Posts Respiratory Training Videos on Website
2/3/2012NCCI Releases Workplace Violence Report
2/3/2012CSA’s BASICs Factsheets Published by FMCSA
1/23/2012OSHA Releases Injury and Illness Prevention Program White Paper
1/18/2012NCCI Study Addresses Workers' Compensation and Aging Workforce
1/18/2012Researchers Survey Companies on Nanotechnology EHS Practices
1/5/2012NIOSH Discusses Respiratory Protection for Nanoparticles
1/5/2012New Nail Gun Safety Website
1/5/2012NIOSH Identifies the Mineral Erionite as an Emerging Hazard
1/5/2012Ten Cyber Security Trends
11/29/2011Hand-Held Mobile Phones Banned for Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in Interstate Commerce or When Hauling Placarded HM
11/23/2011OSHA Issues Revised Edition of Respirator Guide for Small Business
11/11/2011ASSE Issues Technical Brief on New ANSI Scaffolding Standard
11/09/2011American Industrial Hygiene Association Ends Development of WEELâ„¢ and BEELâ„¢ Occupational Exposure Limits
11/07/2011NFPA Research Foundation Releases Electrical Vehicle Charging and NFPA Electrical Safety Codes and Standards
11/02/2011European Commission Adopts Definition of Nanomaterial
10/26/2011Marijuana Use May Double the Risk of Accidents for Drivers
10/26/2011FMCSA’s CSA Program - More Assessment and Transparency Needed
10/18/2011OSHA and NIOSH Issue Guidance Document on Nail Gun Safety for the Construction Industry
10/18/2011Respirable Titanium Dioxide Added to California’s Proposition 65 List of Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer
10/12/2011Work-Related Falls From Ladders
10/11/2011OSHA Provides Safety and Health Training Resources for Employers and Workers
09/29/2011NHTSA Studies Run-Off-Road Crashes
09/26/2011CPSC Updates Remediation Guidance for Homeowners and Concludes Studies Associated with Problem Drywall.
09/06/2011FMCSA Releases Independent Evaluation of the CSA Op-Model Test
08/31/2011OSHA Rescinds 2009 Aerial Lift Interpretation
08/30/2011Recent Studies Highlight Complexity of Evaluating Possible Health Effects of Nanoparticle Sunscreens
08/26/2011Speed Kills - The 2009 Story
08/26/2011Seat Belt Use in 2010
08/26/2011FMCSA Modifies SMS for Hazardous Materials Motor Carriers
08/17/2011OSHA Releases Safety and Health Management System
08/12/2011Emergency Exit Signs Recalled by Best Lighting Products Due to Failure to Illuminate
08/09/2011OSHA Shares Safety and Health Resources for Employers
07/27/2011CPSC Study Available: Follow-Up Study at Six Homes with Problem Drywall
07/22/2011FMCSA Increases Enforcement Action Against Unsafe Motor Carriers
05/27/2011CDC Publishes Report on Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses among Older Workers
05/27/2011OSHA Publicizes Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers
05/27/2011New OSHA Directive for Fall Protection in Residential Construction Brings Significant Change to Current Enforcement Policy
05/23/2011ATRI Research Highlights Crash Prediction Based on Prior Behavior
05/16/2011Grounds Maintenance Workers Fatal Injuries Study
05/05/2011Commercial Driver Safety Belt Use Improves - But Not Enough
04/20/2011Changes in ADAAA May Require Employers to Modify Compliance Activities
04/12/2011Prevention of Occupationally-Related Distracted Driving
04/04/2011NHTSA Releases Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2010
03/23/2011Imported Drywall: CPSC and HUD revise Identification and Remediation Protocols
03/08/2011CDC Database Includes New Interactive Cost of Injury Reports Module
03/03/2011IIHS Finds Large Truck Underride Protection Inadequate
02/23/2011OSHA Issues New Instructions for Compliance Personnel Enforcing Personal Protective Equipment Standards in General Industry
02/18/2011Judge Upholds Firing of Medical Marijuana User in Michigan
02/11/2011Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
02/11/2011ConsensusDOCs Releases Updates to Model Construction Contracts
02/08/2011NHTSA/NASA Study Finds No Electronic Flaws in Toyota Vehicles
02/07/2011Air Compressors Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
02/02/2011No Link Between Problem Drywall and 11 Reported Deaths
01/18/2011ICC Offers Free Download of the International Energy Conservation Code
01/18/2011USFA Releases Provisional 2010 Firefighter Fatality Statistics
01/18/2011OSHA Fines Companies for Exposing Workers to Flammable Materials
12/15/2010FMCSA Launches Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Program
11/30/2010Legalization of Medical Marijuana and Workplace Safety Programs
11/16/2010AIHA Releases Paper on Corrosive Drywall
11/12/2010The Effectiveness of Underride Guards for Heavy Trailers
11/05/2010CSA 2010 and Drivers - Separating Fact from Fiction
10/13/2010Centers for Disease Control Issues Fall Influenza Prevention Tips
09/30/2010HLDI - Texting Bans Don't Reduce Crashes… DOT - Misleading Report…
09/21/2010OSHA Launching Initiative to Discourage Texting while Driving on the Job
08/28/2010FMCSA Opens Safety Measurement System Data for Motor Carrier Review
08/04/2010OSHA's New Crane Standard
07/22/2010EPA Announces Extension for Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule Program
07/22/2010Roadcheck 2010 – 65,327 Truck and Bus Inspections in 72 Hours
06/30/2010New OSHA Training Module
06/28/2010OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Directive
06/23/2010Pipeline Dangers of Digging Underground
06/23/2010Private Sector Emergency Preparedness Certification Program Announced by Department of Homeland Security
06/18/2010States Increasing Efforts on Distracted Driving – GHSA
06/08/2010Driver Distraction – Not Just the Cell Phone
06/07/2010UMTRI Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Analysis
05/27/2010OR Supreme Court Rules Employers Do Not Have to Accommodate Medical Marijuana Use
05/27/2010CPSC Identifies Manufacturers of Problem Drywall Made in China
05/25/2010EPA Amends Lead Renovation Rules
05/25/2010The National Weather Service to Use New Hurricane Scale for 2010 Storm Season
05/25/2010Injury and Illness Data – Possible Changes to Collection and Transparency
05/24/2010U.S. DOT Targets 45 Million Americans Still Not Buckling Up
05/24/2010AFL–CIO Report on Worker Safety
05/21/2010United Nations Launches Global Effort to End "Texting" While Driving
05/11/2010OSHA Enforcement Memo – Training
04/26/2010FMCSA's Carrier Safety Measurement System to Replace SafeStat
04/23/2010Proposal to Amend the MUTCD to Enhance Pavement Markings
04/19/2010State Plan Standards and Policies/Directives Linked to OSHA Mandates
04/14/2010Imported Drywall: CPSC Issues Remediation Guidance
04/13/2010FMCSA Implements Requirements for Electronic On-Board Recorders
03/01/2010Green Roof Standard Approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
02/05/2010Lead Paint Certification Deadline Approaching for Renovation Contractors
02/03/2010HLDI Hand-Held Cell Phone Study Criticized by DOT
02/03/2010Imported Drywall: CPSC Reports Preliminary Findings and Litigation Update
01/27/2010Texting by Interstate Truck and Bus Drivers Banned When Driving
01/27/2010FMCSA Reviewing Hours-of-Service Regulations (Again)
01/27/2010NHTSA Estimates Traffic Fatalities for the First Three Quarters of 2009
01/27/2010Drivers with Invalid Licenses on the Increase
12/31/2009Medical Marijuana Use Banned for Drivers in Interstate Commerce
12/31/2009Using FMCSA Medical Certificates for Intrastate Drivers
12/31/2009Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices Updated
12/31/2009Imported Drywall: CPSC and Interagency Activity Update
12/23/2009Weekly Reports of Fatalities, Catastrophes, and Other Events
12/23/2009OSHA's Fall 2009 Regulatory Priorities
10/07/2009Distracted Driving Receives U.S. Government Attention
10/02/2009Preparedness Guide for Business: H1N1 2009 Influenza
09/22/2009PPE Standards Updated by OSHA
09/04/2009N95 Respirators Recommended for Influenza
06/16/2009Pandemic Flu Respiratory Protection - OSHA
05/29/2009Controlling Silica Exposures in Construction
05/26/2009Reminder: 15-Passenger Vans Most Deadly in the Summer
05/11/2009EPA, CPSC Releases Status Reports on Drywall Probe
04/29/2009Swine Flu (H1N1) Background Information and Resources
04/24/2009Aggressive Driving - Who's Guilty?
04/10/2009New OSHA Field Operations Manual (FOM)
04/04/2009OSHA's Publishes New Guidance on Mandatory Respirator Selection
04/01/2009Nanotechnology – New NIOSH Publication
03/05/2009Report Finds Mortgage Fraud at All-Time High
12/05/2008OSHA Local/Regional Emphasis Programs
12/04/2008OSHA Information and Guidance on Nanotechnology
12/03/2008OSHA Outreach Training Programs
12/02/2008Automatic Vehicle Safety Recall Notification Service
10/11/2008Collisions with Deer and Other Animals Spike in November; Fatal Crashes Up 50% Since 2000
10/10/2008National Transportation Safety Board 2009 Most Wanted List of Highway Safety Improvements
10/09/2008Accuracy of BLS Data
10/08/2008Landscape Worker Fatalities and Prevention Methods
10/05/2008Five Million Unrepaired Fords, Lincolns, and Mercurys Could Pose Serious Fire Hazard to Vehicles and Dwellings
10/04/2008Seat Belt Use Hits Record Level in 2008
10/03/2008OSHA Proposes Rule Changes for Crane and Derrick Safety
08/04/2008Historic Drop in U.S. Highway Fatalities
07/24/2008GAO Releases Study on Drivers with Serious Medical Conditions
07/11/2008National Equipment Register's 2007 Equipment Theft Report
07/11/2008High-Visibility Vests for Emergency Responders
07/11/2008Significant Increase in Firefighter Fatalities in 2007
06/17/2008Injury Death Statistics for Hispanic Workers
05/12/2008Statistics – Fatalities in the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry
04/30/2008Teen Workers – Safety in Construction
04/25/2008Nail Gun Injuries
04/18/2008Lockout/Tagout Interpretation
04/11/2008Commercial Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Use for 2007
04/11/2008MSHA - Asbestos Limits Changed
03/07/2008Critical Incidents Highest During First Hour of Driving
03/05/2008Half Million Dollar Fine Results from Two Fatalities
03/05/2008Fire Fighter Injuries Significant
02/25/2008Studies Find Part-Time Workers at Higher Risk for Injury
02/18/2008Key Findings of Study on the Insider Threat in the IT Sector
02/14/2008Update to OSHA’s Small Business Assistance Web Page
01/31/2008FMCSA Proposes Enhanced CDL Training Requirements
01/28/2008OSHA Enforcement Statistics
12/12/2007Updated OSHA Guidance on Slings
12/12/2007Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Materials Handling
12/12/2007OSHA Final Rule – Employer Payment for PPE
12/12/2007FMCSA Retains Current Truck Drivers’ Hours–of–Service
10/16/2007Safety Recall – Steel Toe Boots
09/25/2007OSHA Cites Four Contractors for Single Fatality
08/03/2007Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - Effectiveness
07/30/2007Traffic Fatalities and Injuries Decline in 2006
07/30/2007Trucker's Hours-of-Service Change Voided by Court
07/23/2007OSHA First Aid Training Guidance
07/10/2007'Roadcheck 2007' Inspections Highlight Safety Concerns
07/10/2007Motorists Urged Not to Tailgate Trucks to Save Fuel
06/06/2007Hurricane Safety
05/29/2007Traffic Deaths on America's Highways Down Slightly
05/25/2007FDA Clears First Respirators for Use in Public Health Medical Emergencies
05/25/2007OSHA Training Standards Policy Statement
05/25/2007OSHA – Spanish Help
05/09/2007Unit Costs of Medium/Heavy Truck Crashes
04/25/20072005 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries
04/11/2007Elimination of Silicosis
04/09/2007Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems Mandated by NHTSA
03/22/2007OSHA Revises Guide Intended to Help Protect Employees from Amputations
03/22/2007OSHA Identifies Workplaces with High 2005 Injury/Illness Rates
03/16/2007Reducing Worker Exposure to Asphalt Fumes from Roofing Kettles
03/16/2007Pandemic Influenza Planning Guidance
03/14/2007OSHA Releases New "It's The Law" Poster
02/12/2007Implementing Effective Disaster Recovery: Five Critical Challenges
01/31/2007Posting OSHA's Illness/Injury Summary
01/26/2007Scaffolding Deaths Cost Contractor Nearly $2.4 Million in OSHA Fines
12/22/2006Crane Certifications
12/22/2006EPA Releases Guidelines for Implementing New UST Secondary Containment Requirements
12/22/2006Association of Equipment Manufacturers Established Free Database of Safety Pictorials
12/20/20062006 Shoulder Belt Usage by Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
12/20/2006Speeding Triples the Odds of Crashing
12/01/2006NTSB Recommends Ban on Cell Phone Use by Bus Drivers
10/17/2006Making the Business Case for Safety and Health
10/09/2006Side Airbags Substantially Reduce Death Risk in Cars and SUVs
10/09/2006New Fact Sheet on Fall Prevention for Aboveground Storage Tanks
08/21/2006IT Security Checklist Developed to Help Business Managers
08/18/2006Lack of Sleep Affects the Performance of Many Commercial Drivers
07/11/2006OSHA's Spanish Newsletter
07/10/2006New OSHA Safety and Health Topics Page for Concrete Industry
06/20/2006Fact Sheets on Terrorist Attacks Available from National Academies
06/20/2006IIHS Research Finds Significant Crash Reduction with Electronic Stability Control
06/02/2006Study Estimates 18 Million Americans May Be Unfit Drivers
04/28/2006Identity Theft, 2004 - First Estimates from the National Crime Victimization Survey
04/25/2006Driver Inattention Cited as Leading Factor in Crashes
04/25/2006Highway Fatalities on the Increase
02/17/2006NER Releases Report on Equipment Thefts in 2005
01/17/2006OSHA Publishes Tree Care Company Web Page
01/09/2006Theft and Security of Laptops
12/23/2005Best Computer Practices for Defending Against Insider Threats
12/23/2005ATF Publishes List of 238 Explosive Materials Subject to Law
12/14/2005OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start Web Tool
12/08/2005BLS Reports Decline in Workplace Injury and Illness Rates for 2004
12/08/2005Balloon Framing Hazards
11/18/2005NIOSH Revises the Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
11/14/2005Update of NIOSH Mining Safety and Health Web Page
11/11/2005Spanish-Language Versions of Worker Safety and Health Training
11/10/2005OSHSPA Issues 2004 Grassroots Worker Protection Report
11/09/2005New Web Site Unveiled in Fight Against Cyber Outlaws
11/02/2005Final NIST Report Published on the Investigation of the WTC Disaster
11/02/2005RAND Study Supports TRIA Extension
10/28/2005New FBI Crime Stats Show a Continuing Downward Trend
10/18/2005UL Publication Addresses Electrical Safety After Floods
10/06/2005Work-Related Lung Disease (WoRLD) Surveillance Report
10/01/2005Record Safety Belt Usage in the U.S.
09/19/2005Federal Agencies Warn of Potential Environmental Health Hazards from Katrina
09/15/2005West Nile Virus
09/15/2005HM Cylinder Safety Advisory
09/08/2005Responding to Hurricane Katrina - Additional Health and Safety Information
08/30/2005Federal Emergency Management Agency Advisories Following Hurricane Katrina
08/30/2005The Center for Disease Control Advisories following Natural Disasters
08/30/2005OSHA Advisories Following Natural Disasters
08/24/2005OSHA Announces Targeted Inspection Plan for 2005
08/24/2005OSHA Reminds Employers that Publications Are Free
08/24/2005Safety Boots
08/19/2005Driver Hours-of-Service Rules Revised
08/09/2005Survey on Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance in the Workplace
08/08/20052005 Computer Crime and Security Survey
08/08/2005FTC Issues Alert on Risks of Online File Sharing
08/08/2005Hurricane Forecasters Raise Storm Predictions for 2005
08/02/2005Record Low Highway Fatality Rate in 2004
07/21/2005OSHA Pocket Guide for Construction Safety
07/13/2005IIHS Study Confirms Cell Phone Risks While Driving
07/11/2005Judge Recommends Excluding Thousands of Diagnoses in Silica Litigation
07/06/2005Driver Issues and Crash Causation Study
06/26/2005NIEHS Publishes Training Guidelines for Work Associated With Mold
06/21/2005Background Checks on Hazmat Drivers Enters Final Phase
06/16/2005Common Mistakes in Confined Space Monitoring
06/02/2005NHTSA Restates Rollover Warning for Users of 15-Passenger Vans
05/23/2005OSHA Unveils Safety and Health Topics Page for Landscape and Horticultural Industry
05/10/2005CDC Adopts New Repellent Guidance for Upcoming Mosquito Season
04/27/2005OSHA Institutes New Fatality/Catastrophe Investigation Procedures
04/27/2005U.S. Highway Fatalities Called a “National Epidemic”
04/21/2005BLS Lost-Worktime Injuries and Illnesses - 2003
04/08/2005ASHRAE to Present Free Satellite Broadcast/Webcast on Mold in Building Environments
04/06/2005Mining Accident Facts - 2003
04/06/2005“Help/Hot-Line” for Hispanic Workers
03/24/2005Transportation Security Addressed in New Manual
03/22/2005OSHA Identifies 14,000 Workplaces with High Injury and Illness Rates
03/16/2005NIOSH Web Site Examines Demanding Work Schedules
03/08/2005OSHA Safety Card for Excavations and Trenches
03/02/2005NFPA Reports on a $2.5 Million Loss Due to Hot Work Operations
03/01/2005NHTSA Reports Cellular Phone Use by Motorists is on the Rise