Safety News Briefs

These selected news briefs cover topics specific to BITCO Insurance Companies' target industries: worker safety, public liability, property protection and more.

New briefs are added to the top of the list; others are periodically deleted. Selecting a title will open the news brief in a browser window. Maximize the window to read or print a copy.

Date of ReportTitle of Report
10/24/2016OSHA Updates Recommended Practices for Workplace Safety and Health Programs
10/20/2016NIOSH Studies Occupational Indium Exposure and Respiratory Health
10/17/2016MSHA Reports in Mining Deaths, Respirable Dust Levels for 2016
9/30/2016Reaching Zero Crashes: A Dialogue on th eRole of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
9/26/2016Falls and Fall Injuries Among Adults Aged >65 Years: United States, 2014
9/20/2016Federal Automated Vehicle Policy
9/20/2016Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work
9/02/2016Fatality and Injury Statistics in Non-Traffic Crashes, 2012 to 2014
8/31/2016Traffic Fatalities Up Sharply In 2015; Injuries Up As Well
8/24/2016Crashes Involving Road Debris - Scope of the Problem and Mitigation
7/28/2016CDC Study Reports Seat Belt Use Low Where Driving Not Primary Job
7/22/2016Aggressive Driving and Road Rage More Common Than Expected
7/05/2016National Association of Tower Erectors Publishes Drones Best Practices Guidance
6/27/2016DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
6/08/2016Passengers in Commercial Trucks Now Required to Wear Seat Belts
6/08/2016Texas A&M Researchers Report Improved Productivity with "Stand-Capable" Workstations
6/02/2016Fire Safety during Construction for Five- and Six-Story Wood Buildings - Best Practices Guide
5/19/2016Engineering Controls Reduce Crystalline Silica Exposures During Asphalt Pavement Milling in Highway Construction
5/17/2016OSHA Issues Final rule on Electric Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
5/12/2016Indicators of School Crime Safety: 2015
5/12/2016Traumatic Brain Injuries at Playgrounds on the Rise
5/06/2016Researchers Study Worker Exposures at Carbon Nanotube Production Facility
5/05/2016OSHA Issues Final rule OSHA Updating Eye and Face Protection Standards
5/03/2016Traumatic Brain Injury in Construction Study
5/02/2016Get the Basics on Engineered Wood Products - Free Webinar Series
4/29/2016CDC Issues Report on Hearing Impairment among Noise-Exposed Workers in the United States, 2003-2012
4/21/2016CPSC Updates Public Playground Safety Handbook
4/21/2016NIOSH: New Climate Change Document Addresses Effects on Workers
4/15/2016Roof Wind Designer Updated by National Roofing Contractors Association
4/01/2016OSHA Issues Fianl Rule on Crystalline Silica
3/25/2016State of Slip, Trip, and Fall on Same Level Literature Review
3/25/2016NIOSH Issues Draft Current Intelligence Bulletin on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to 1-Bromopropane
3/22/2016New NIOSH Website on Aerial Lift Safety Includes Lift Simulator
3/22/2016Structure Fires in Warehouse Properties
3/07/2016Zika Resources
3/07/2016FMCSA Proposes National Training Standards for Entry-Level Truck and Bus Drivers
2/22/2016OSHA and NIOSH Issue Hazard Alert on Dangers of Tank Gauging
2/17/2016NIOSH Issues Draft Current Intelligence Bulletin on Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Silver Nanomaterials
2/3/2016NIOSH Study Looks at Prevalence of Hearing Difficulty and Tinnitus Among Workers
2/2/2016Survey of Long-Haul Truck Drivers: Injury and Safety
2/1/2016Study Highlights Weather Conditions at Time of Motor Vehicle Crashes
1/28/2016NIOSH/OSHA: Nine Oil and Gas Extraction Worker Deaths Tied to Oxygen Deficiency and Hydrocarbon Gas/Vapor Exposure During 2010 to 2015
1/14/2016Prevention Through Design: NIOSH Issues Report on Preventing Hazardous Noise and Hearing Loss