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Fire Safety during Construction for Five- and Six-Story Wood Buildings - Best Practices Guide

Release Date: June 2, 2016

In January 2015, changes to Ontario’s Building Code came into effect that allow the construction of mid-rise (five- and six-story) buildings of predominantly wood construction to be used for primarily residential and office occupancies. In May of 2016, Ontario's Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) released a guideline that provides best practices for fire safety during construction of mid-rise wood buildings. The guideline Fire Safety during Construction for Five- and Six-Story Wood Buildings in Ontario: a Best Practices Guide is designed to help “minimize the risk of a significant construction site fire occurring in the first place, as well as to reduce the spread and impact of such a fire should one occur.”

The guide is written in a narrative format which is aimed at describing best practices and offers easy-to-follow tables and examples designed to address fire risks during mid-rise wood construction. The guideline is “intended to support and encourage a “culture of safety on the construction site.” The guide is divided into eleven sections:

These parts are further subdivided into target areas of concern; for example, Part 1 contains the following information:

In all, there are 35 individual topics addressed in the guide, which can be downloaded from the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website at

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